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Chef Evan combines 25 years of knowledge, experience and creativity into a playful form of culinary activism, as captivating to the senses as it is nutritionally beneficial and environmentally sustainable.  Arriving in Maui July 2020, Evan has established relationships with local farms, fish mongers and butchers featuring the freshest local ingredients. 


He specializes in intimate dinner parties of 2-15 people and is also happy to fill your fridge with delicious and nutritious foods to accentuate your Aloha lifestyle or vacation.


The final ingredient in his cuisine: Chef Evan’s personality. He is fun, funny, engaging and easy to work with. His main desire is to make food you like and to provide an enjoyable atmosphere for your event.


Some of his biggest successes have been in executive chef positions at luxury private estates in the Bahamas and Fijian Islands, constantly being challenged by the limited local ingredients. He has also experienced the fast‐paced world of event catering, working large-scale events in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he specialized in organic, vegetarian, kosher and celiac cooking. 


Graduating from the California Culinary Academy in 1997, Chef Evan has traveled the world to supplement his education and expand his knowledge base. He has studied with chefs around the globe and has worked tirelessly to create an international style all his own. He is an ingredient-driven chef, who uses his classical training as the foundation for his whimsical display of flavors. His food philosophy is simple: good ingredients make good food…and great ingredients make great food.  


Wide‐ranging and high‐leveled, Chef Evan's professional experience has been at the forefront of many culinary niche industries. He spent 10 years working on chartered and privately owned super‐yachts, working as a freelance executive chef, cooking for the royalty, dignitaries and celebrities on these luxury vessels. In the off seasons, he has been lead chef for many Rock and Roll tours, cooking backstage for Bob Dylan’s band and crew, The Dead and John Mayer. These gigs included setting up and breaking down a kitchen in a new city every day, while scouring foreign cities for their finest ingredients. If you want a good laugh, ask him about cooking backstage at Madison Square Garden! In 2011 he began Chef Evan Presents, and his business dominated the Silicon Valley tech elite’s dining needs for the next ten years. 

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